Clara Pazzini is an artist based in Hamburg. She works as a singer, actress, writer, entrepreneur, curator, composer and speaker. As a singer she is currently writing and producing her debut album which is planned for fall 2021. As a singer-comedian she is touring and performing her one-woman-shows which she created, directed and wrote. She works with pianist Martin Mutschler, bassist Leo Schmidthals and Lieven Brunckhorst sax.

2004-2006 Universität Hamburg (history of art / musicology)
2005-2006 Sorbonne Paris IV (history of art)
2006-2007 Europäisches Theaterinstitut Berlin
2008-2012 Otto-Falkenberg-Schule München
2012-present: work as a cook in different places from Munich to Hamburg
2016-2017: artist agent Impresariat Simmenauer
2017: Clara Pazzinis FANTASME
2018: FACES (Co-Production with Pathos Munich) +  LA NOTTE
2020: OH MAMMA – Eine Show für alle die eine Mutter haben + TOHUWABOHU !
2020-2021: manager and creative director at venue TISCH UND STUHL HAMBURG
26.03.2021 1st release (BOXES) of upcoming album
30.04.2021 2nd release (HOURGLASS) of upcoming album

grants: DAAD Scholarship (Abroad Program Paris France, 2006)
prizes: Apollinaire-Preis Robert Bosch Stiftung 2003, Jugend Jazzt 2002

cello training: 1989-1999
singing training in classical and jazz: 1999-

german, french (bilingual), english (fluent), spanish (a little bit remains), italian (more singing then speaking)