Clara Pazzini is an artist based in Hamburg. She works as a singer, actress, writer, entrepreneur, curator, composer and speaker. As a singer she is currently writing and producing her debut album which is releasing in September 2021.
As a singer-comedian she is touring and performing her one-woman-shows (FANTASME, FACES, LA NOTTE, BREL, OH MAMMA, TOHUWABOHU!) which she created, directed and wrote. She works with pianist Martin Mutschler, bassist Leo Schmidthals and multi instrumentalist Lieven Brunckhorst.

2004-2006 Universität Hamburg (history of art / musicology)
2005-2006 Sorbonne Paris IV (history of art)
2006-2007 Europäisches Theaterinstitut Berlin
2008-2012 Otto-Falkenberg-Schule München
2012-present: work as a cook in different places from Munich to Hamburg
2016-2017: artist agent Impresariat Simmenauer
2017: Clara Pazzinis FANTASME
2018: FACES (Co-Production with Pathos Munich) +  LA NOTTE
2020: OH MAMMA – Eine Show für alle die eine Mutter haben + TOHUWABOHU !
2020-2021: manager and creative director at venue TISCH UND STUHL HAMBURG
26.03.2021 1st release (BOXES) of upcoming album
30.04.2021 2nd release (HOURGLASS) of upcoming album
17.06.2021 3rd release (ANTIDOTE) of upcoming album
23.07.2021 4th release (PAUL) of upcoming album

grants: DAAD Scholarship (Abroad Program Paris France, 2006), 2020-21 Initiative Musik Künstler*innen Förderung
prizes: Apollinaire-Preis Robert Bosch Stiftung 2003, Jugend Jazzt 2002

cello training: 1989-1999
singing training in classical and jazz: 1999-

german, french (bilingual), english (fluent), spanish (a little bit remains), italian (more singing then speaking)